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5 Braces-friendly Snacks For Your Children

Braces can be a challenging experience for your kids. If being self-conscious of their appearance isn’t enough, now they are limited to what they eat. Cooked vegetables do not have to be a snack that your children with braces are limited to. Take a look at these five delicious options.





Soft fruits are an excellent snack for your children! Not only do they promote healthy eating habits but smooth fruits offer a variety of snacks to choose from. For example, you can serve kids baked apples, bananas, berries, grapes, and more. Fruit can be served with dipping sauces like yogurt or chocolate for a more tasty appeal. Even whole fruit can be enjoyed if it is cut up into smaller pieces.





Having braces should not keep your child from enjoying traditional snacks other kids get to have. Small or softer treats like walnuts, crackers, and potato chips can be consumed for a crunchy snack. To be extra safe, pieces can be slightly dissolved in the child’s mouth before chewed.





Most children love sweets like ice cream or pudding and children with braces still get to love them too! Be careful to avoid ice cream with hard ingredients like nuts or bubble gum and sticky toppings like caramel. Sugar-free options are a healthier choice for preventing cavities and other dental issues.





Brownies are a classic treat that doesn’t have to be added to the forbidden list. They are soft and can be free of hard, sticky ingredients. Also, like fruit, brownies can be cut into smaller pieces for easier bites. For added flavor, frosting can be spread on top of them and decorated with sprinkles.





Don’t go overboard with delight! Candy bars with caramel and nuts are not something to include on the approved snack list. However, there are a lot of other delicious alternatives. Some chocolaty options are Hershey’s bars, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Pieces.

Sit Back and Enjoy a Snack with Your Kids

Movie night or midnight snacks do not have to become dull and flavorless. Your kids can still partake in all the tasty delights other children get to have too. These five braces-friendly snacks are only a few examples of snacks your children with braces can munch on!

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